Some Advice about Giving Up Smoking using Hypnosis

It’s Lung Cancer awareness month and so giving up smoking is the topic of the day

Hypnosis tends to attract people who have failed to quit through will-power or through the use of nicotine patches. Having failed on their own, they are looking for someone with the magic bullet to stop the habit dead in its tracks.

The bad news folks, is that it doesn’t work that way. I turn away as many people as I take on for smoking cessation because, in their heart of hearts, many don’t want to give up. My heart always sinks when someone rings me and says “I though I’d have a go at hypnosis” or “my husband keeps nagging me to stop” because in neither case is the individual in the right place to succeed.

No matter how someone tries to convince you, take it from me that if you don’t want to give up smoking, hypnosis on its own won’t work. You’ll fall off the waggon at the first opportunity and you’ll tell all your friends “I tried being hypnotised but it didn’t work”.


 Tip No1 – don’t try hypnotherapy until you are really, really fed up with smoking, are bored with worrying about it, envy non-smokers and hate nearly every cigarette you have. THEN you’re ready for hypnosis.

Tip No2 – you need to prepare for your session. A few days before your session, wash all your clothes, get your suits or dresses dry cleaned, thoroughly clean the car, throw away ALL ashtrays and lighters (even if relatives and friends smoke they can do it in the garden from now on), thoroughly vacuum the house and install new air fresheners. Buy a new toothbrush and keep for use after you’ve had your very last cigarette.

Tip No3 – on the morning of your treatment really ENJOY your very last cigarette. Savour every lungful. And then put it out, pour water over the rest of the pack (don’t give them away, destroy them), have a shower, brush your teeth with your OLD toothbrush and throw it away (because it will taste of cigarettes) and use your new one from now on. Do not smoke any more cigarettes, even if your session is late in the evening (you might be surprised to find that having done all this preparatory work, you won’t actually be craving one).

Tip No4Relax and let go as you begin your cessation session.  Let your mind be still and be really honest about how you feel about smoking, how many you smoke etc. Your therapist should always take a full Case History  and Smoking History.  NOW your ready for your hypnosis!! BTW, I never use scare tactics in my therapy. Smokers are already acutely aware of the dangers of smoking so why try to add more angst? Instead, I use powerful suggestions to remove the urge to smoke, always getting the permission of the subconscious mind to co-operate in the process (I once had a frequently lapsing smoker who at the point of having his subconscious asked for co-operation became quietly upset. When I asked about the reason for his becoming tearful, he told me that he saw smoking as the last remaining link with his deceased mother and that it was so powerful a feeling, it sabotaged his every attempt to quit. We dealt with this in a few minutes and he left the office happy and convinced that he would never smoke again).

Tip No5 – On completion your hypnosis, you should always be taught how to think, act and speak like a non-smoker. This is an important part of the process. Always ensure that your therapist is prepared to teach you to do this. Without this knowledge, you run the risk of continuing to be a “temporary” non-smoker.

Tip No6 – Do not get drunk for at least ONE MONTH after your treatment and do not try to test your hypnosis. Drink will weaken your willpower and you run the risk of a momentary lapse. Similarly, non-smokers don’t need to test themselves to see if they are still non-smokers, they just are. Think of yourself as being just like an alcoholic – you can’t afford to have single shot of your favourite poison. You don’t smoke. You don’t ask for a drag of a cigarette, light one for someone else, stand outside pubs in the pouring rain. Non-smokers don’t do that sort of thing.

To read more, take a look at my website and go to the Smoking Cessation page. Good luck with your efforts!

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