Fear of Flying and Claustrophobia

Just received the following email from a recent client who came to me with an urgent need to deal with claustrophobia on underground trains and a strong fear of flying…

Hi Keith,  

Just wanted to drop an email to say thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.

As it stands I now travel on the tube everyday with no anxiety, and as of yesterday I completed my eighth flight on my own and I am off to America for a solo countrywide tour with lots of internal flights. Without your help this would never have been possible. . Again, thank you so much.  WJ  Hornchurch Essex

The work we did together was done in only three sessions and included a tailor-made recording which I made for her to use as daily therapy between appointments.  She is also able to use it whilst travelling, together with my Healing Garden mp3 for more general stress-busting.

While it’s nice to receive positive feedback from clients, I also hope that this message will give hope and encouragement to others who are suffering similar fears and phobias and that it will spur them on to seek professional help so that they can improve the quality of both their working and personal lives.


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